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Hi, my name is Justus, I'm a Christian.I attended Patrick Henry College for three semesters, and I transfered to College of the Ozarks in the fall of 2013 where I graduated as an English major in 2016. I love the Lord Jesus Christ the savior of my soul. He has made me new. He leads me in the Old Path; He is the Way. I am not perfect; my Lord is sanctifying me though.


"The Poet's Prayer"
Lord, thank You for this day!
Thank You for this food!
Help me to obey!
Help me to be good!

"A Frequent Prayer"
Lord forgive my awful attitude;
Let me be Thy similitude,
That I may share this interlude
Remembering Thy Empty Rood.

"At a Loss"
I don't know what to do or say.
I only know to wait and pray.

 "These are the Basics"

This is the stasis of  phthisis and thistles.
This is the basis of Christ plus epistles.
This is the crisis of kisses and missiles.
Sin is the sepsis of lies plus dismissals.
Blood is the glacis (or lysis) of sinful
Business of  slavish entices and hustles.
Love is the thesis for Bibles and missals.
These are the basics of Christ plus epistles.


Awake O sleeper! Arise!
Awake and open sleep-worn eyes!
Weary though ye be,
Drop your chains of sleep
Into the briny deep  
Of nightmares and your dreams.
Morning comes it seems 
In two ways, nay in three 
With raucous noise of hounds 
Or urgent alarm sounds 
Or even quietly, 
It slips in through your dreams.
Be ready in the night 
To wake and start the day 
To work or play or fight, 
So in the end you may 
With your conscious right 
"I've done my best" to say.

(This poem was requested by Levi Adema, a fellow blogger and great man. Check out his blog here.)
Levi: I changed the topic from what I originally said, but it still fits your topic. Plus it's a double entendre. :)

"New Birth 1"

This is birth number two
It's something new
You can't undo this birth
Cause you can't abort from the church
It's grace given light livin'
We don't just survive
We strive to enliven
All men

           What is fear but respect
           Of what's stronger than yourself?
           What is love but neglect
           Of your good for others' wealth?
           Obedience is the effect
           Of love and fear in the elect.
           Humble yourself before the Lord
           And all these shall be your reward.

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  1. Well done sir, this is truly epic. Not just in the story tale sense, but also in the fact that it is vividly thought provoking.