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Hi, my name is Justus, I'm a Christian.I attended Patrick Henry College for three semesters, and I transfered to College of the Ozarks in the fall of 2013 where I graduated as an English major in 2016. I love the Lord Jesus Christ the savior of my soul. He has made me new. He leads me in the Old Path; He is the Way. I am not perfect; my Lord is sanctifying me though.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Gentle Orthodoxy and Cultural Creation

     In chapel at my school we have had several stellar speakers. Two in particular have done a great deal to the student body's mindset. One by Meredith Schultz, an alumnus, talked about what she calls gentle orthodoxy. Here is the message she gave: http://www.arthouseamerica.com/blog/righteousness-and-bliss.html 
     The second message was given yesterday at our biannual Faith and Reason Lecture. The speaker this semester was Ken Myers, writer and editor of Mars Hill Audio. (Which see.) His lecture was entitled “Christian Faithfulness in a Disordered Culture,” and dealt with the ways Christians ought to walk in the culture. He spoke about how we should have our own culture to combat the disordered culture we live in. (Some suggestions he gave included eating meals with Christian families in our Churches, teaching our children to love language by reading and learning poetry more often, spending time in cross-generational activities, and learning to live in one place where we could have  a long term impact. If Christians were always the longest residing members of a neighborhood, imagine what a change they could have.) Here is a link to a video of his lecture (http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/29478610), but be warned it is long and engaging, so you'll want to set a lot of time aside for it.

God bless, 

Written from my desk at school. (Another thing Ken Myers mentioned was making e-mails more personal by identifying the place from which they were written and thereby making them more tangible to those reading.) 

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